Close Up of Steeldeck Staging

Staging Services

Prop Hire Scotland can supply you with staging equipment as part of your scenery package or as an individual hire. We use industry standard equipment that conforms to health and safety regulations (including PAT, LOLER and Section 89). Items we can supply include:

  • Steeldeck
  • Treads
  • Rigging Equipment
  • Steel Wire and Flying Irons
  • Screwjacks
  • Scaffold Clamps
  • Rostra & Platforms
  • Circular Podiums
  • Perspex Drum Screen
  • Electro Kabuki
  • Gauzes and Slash Cloths
  • Tab Tracks and Bobbins
  • Festoon Lights
  • Snow Drop
Period Dining Chairs
Rigging Equipment
Steeldeck Staging

Steeldeck and Rostrum Solutions

Multi level sets give you more possibilities to be creative. Prop Hire Scotland can supply industry standard Steeldeck platforms to enable you to do this safely. As well as our standard 8ft x 4ft rectangular steeldeck platforms we can also supply smaller sizes and triangular sections at various heights.

Our steeldeck platforms are supplied with safety hand rails, tread systems and additional bracing where required.

We can also supply low level wooden rostra for a cost effective platform and an alternative solution to Steeldeck.


We have a small range of cloths that can enhance your set and we have a selection of drapes that can help you to create a small performance space. We can also supply tab track (T60) and bobbins designed for carrying stage drapes. Our stock includes:

Slash Curtain Hire