Our Aladdin's Cave

Our business grew from over 20 years in amateur and professional theatre with personal experience of sourcing necessary props at an affordable cost. In 2013 we started Prop Hire Scotland, based in a small industrial unit in Glasgow and we've been growing ever since. Visitors to our premises have always described it as an “Aladdin’s cave” for props and in 2020 we moved to a more spacious site in the Whiteinch area of Glasgow to accommodate our increasing inventory. We hire to individuals, schools, theatre and concert groups, film and television production companies, special occasions and corporate events

We have a large stock of furniture from bentwood chairs to thrones, deckchairs to Chesterfields, wine tables to ornate dining tables, cradles to hospital beds and many household items electrical and otherwise to meet the correct historical period of your production. We have a variety of small and large items: musical instruments ranging from harmonicas to a baby grand piano, replica animals ranging from mice to a life size horse and prams to coffins.

We have an extensive stock of small props to dress your set and provide the attention to detail every production needs. If you are looking for something we currently don’t have in stock then we can construct both small and larger props that meet your requirements. You are very welcome to visit us, view our stock and select the exact props you wish to use.

We know that when your staging a production every penny counts and our prop hire services provide value for money. We do not ask for deposits on low value orders and there is no minimum hire charge. This gives you the flexibility to hire a whole props package for a show or just some indivdual items. Rehearsal props packages are also available to support your cast and production team before you reach your venue.

Period Dining Chairs
Vintage Cameras
Drums and Guitars
Little Shop of Horrors Plant

Show packages

Props help make a show and we have flexible props packages to complement our sets available for hire and many other shows. Our props will enhance the visual effect of your production whilst saving you the time, hard work and expense involved in sourcing and constructing props.

Our props packages include specialist items like our set of Audrey II plants for Little Shop of Horrors, a disappearing drinks trolley for Me and My Girl and a self playing cello for Witches of Eastwick. We also supply bespoke props packages for panto that will help bring your gags to life.

It's the little things that matter

Dressing sets can be hard work and finding all the small items can be time consuming. We have an extensive stock of props from books to bar dressing, purses to paper paraphenalia, dressing table items to dolls and teasets to telephones.

We strive to provide the best props package that meets your production or event's requirements. We are happy to advise you on selecting props that fit in with the time period and the look and feel of your production.

Period Telephones
Vintage Typewriter
Ornate Bird Cage
Assorted Decorative Items