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Santa's House 

for Celtic Park Family Stand


Witches of Eastwick

for Theatre Guild Glasgow

For  Theatre Guild Glasgow's production of The Witches of Eastwick there was a requirement for some out of the ordinary props, such as an enchanted cello that could play by itself and 'boobie' statues in a variety of sizes including one four feet high!  
The director also wanted the  'boobie' statue style reflected in the set as well.  Because our premises are next to the show's set designer and builder, Jack Murdoch, we were able to collaborate closely with him to ensure the same style was present in the props and scenery, providing a cohesive artistic vision.  
The brief from Celtic in 2013 was for a Victorian style Santa's house in their Family Stand, which could be set up in a few hours, and more importantly, had to be dismantled within 45 minutes.  We called on Jack Murdoch to provide the house set which we then filled with our Christmas themed props.  A Christmas tree with candy canes, a wooden fireplace, a red wing back chair for Santa and Christmas garlands all set the scene.  
Santa's House proved so popular that we were asked to provide it again in 2014 for both the Christmas event at Celtic Park and also at their Lennoxtown training facilities in October for a promotional video for Celtic TV. 

We are pleased to have had the opportunity to work with a great number of organisations over the past few years, including: