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Eleanor Wilkins

My professional career started at Brighton’s Nightingale Theatre and a year at London's La Bonne Crepe Restaurant Theatre followed.  I then spent three years touring the UK with The European Theatre Company, bringing classic French and German plays to schools audiences, with actors of those nationalities.

After a year at the Unicorn Theatre for Children, based at the renowned Arts Theatre in the west end of London, I then spent the next five years working in stage management for various opera companies in the UK, including Glyndebourne Festival Opera, Garsington Opera and the D'Oyly-Carte Conpany. 

At this point, I saw the light – literally – and moved away from darkened theatres into project management for the public and private sectors. After moving to Scotland in 2006, I became involved in theatre again, and am currently “in the corner” for various amateur clubs, cueing shows and generally telling people what to do…

I began sourcing and creating props as a school pupil; having moved on, I returned for many years as a former pupil and continued to source and construct props under the constraints of a school budget which could be frustrating on occasion!  Given that sourcing props can often be a thankless task, it’s hardly surprising that word got around that there was someone mad enough to be happy to undertake this task and I was appointed as Props Mistress by various amateur dramatic companies.

Over the last couple of decades I’ve been part of the Stage Management team for many amateur dramatic groups in the Glasgow area covering a variety of roles including Props Manager, Assistant Stage Manager and Stage Manager.  
Through this experience I’m very aware of the difficulties in sourcing props given financial constraints and believe that Prop Hire Scotland is a practical solution for those seeking props. I thoroughly enjoy the creativity and challenges involved in a Props Manager’s role and have continued working with amateur clubs in addition to my involvement with Prop Hire Scotland Ltd.

About Us

We provide a professional props service across Scotland to individuals, theatre groups, production companies and for events.  We set up Prop Hire Scotland in 2013 to provide a local, friendly and affordable service to small theatre groups staging shows in Scotland.  Our wealth of experience working in this sector has shaped our ethos, and we aim to give customers a service we would want ourselves. 

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